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Until this site is up and running you will find some tributes to Eric on this page, they have been submitted from fans all over the world, including Bruce Kulick!! Please send your tributes to Tributes@kissinuk.com for inclusion on this page.


From: Bruce Kulick
Eric was my friend, my bandmate and like a brother to me. 
He made me laugh, he made me angry,and when he passed on he made me cry. 
I remember his great drumming and his great sense of humor. 
I miss him but I know he will never be forgotten. I hope he is having some great jam sessions in heaven!! 

There you go!! 



From: Paul Finn, KISSin' UK
To step into the shoes of a well established drummer must be a hard task for anyone, but to step into Peter Criss' must have been very daunting. Not only did Eric Carr pull this off with ease but he also brought his own personality & style with him and didn't become a carbon copy of Peter.

Eric played on a lot of my favourite KISS songs, one of them being Forever, not many drummers could pull off playing drums so hard on a ballad, but Eric did! You only have to watch the video for God Gave Rock & Roll To You II to see just how commited to KISS Eric was, even during his illness he put 100% into the band.

On November 24th 1991 KISS lost more than just a drummer, they lost a fantastic, genuine person who really cared for his fans (just ask those who were lucky enough to meet him). My main regret is not being a KISS fan during his legacy, but his legend will always live on in the music he's left behind.

Paul, Editor KISSin' UK
From: Dan bach
Eric Carr 1950 - 1991 RIP
Only met Eric twice, Stafford Bingley Hall 1984 and Birmingham NEC 
1988. From those brief meetings, I came away thinking that Eric was a 
genuine rock'n'roller. No attitiude, no ego, just down to earth. It's just a 
pity that Eric did not have more of a songwriting credit whilst he was in 
KISS. His drumming on Killers and Creatures saved the day for the 
band after the Elder chapter. Eric is still missed by the KISS Army, he 
lives on in our memories. Eric thanks for your talent, your persona and 
your help in keeping KISS afloat in the early to late eighties. Yours 
rockingly Dan bach


From: John Connell (author of the Eric tribute in Modern Drummer)
1) Life needs to be seized. Life is full of rhythm and thunder. Life is,
all to often, too short. The career, passing and memory of Eric Carr
illustrate all of these. 

2) Eric excited the crowds like Ringo, and rocked the halls like Bonzo. 
But in the end, he left behind memories, music, and motivated fans that
were all his own. 

3) Today, his drums sit idle somewhere - never to rumble again. But echoes
of his power and presence will remain and continue to remind us every time
we choose to listen. Love it loud, always! 

From: Mich
Eric: we will NEVER forget you buddy!
be well there where you are right now
some day we will meet!!
From: Grunge
At the age of 11 I went to my 1st concert.
5th September 1980, Stafford Bingley Hall. 
KISS, full make-up, Gene, Paul, Ace & Eric Carr. 
It changed my life. 
Eric Carr - Gone, but NEVER Forgotten. 
From: Carl Gibbett, Parasite
I started playing drums after I went out and bought Creatures of the Night.
I remember taking the album outta its sleeve,Cranking up the stereo ,and being totally blown away by the sound of the intro and the thunderous drums on the album.
All I wanted to do was get a kit and try to emulate what I had heard on the album.
Then I went and watched Kiss play on the Lick it up tour
Do you remember the TANK?
Do you remember the solo?
Hidden behind a mass of drums(and hair) I watched in awe as this small looking man pounded away like a maniac.
Years past and I formed PARASITE  and finally I got to play and feel what it must of been like for Eric.I felt pride in people telling me that my drum style was similar to Eric's.
Ten years after his passing I still listen to and love the power and passion of Eric's drumming and every time I play my drums I still  want to play as powerful and as solid as Eric did.
Maybe when I pop my mortal clogs I will get the chance to meet him and thank him for the 
inspiration to play drums.
Carl Gibbett
From: Mark
Eric i will always remeber you with fondness and love. I never knew you
personally, but i knew you as a kick ass drummer that always had time
for his fans. I miss you and when ever i play a Kiss album that you
played on it lifts my heart.

We love you Eric.

From: Steven Adamson
Eric Carr is by far my favourite drummer in KISS. Here's my little tribute to the person that made me want to be a drummer....
Steven Adamson
From: Don
 i cant believe its been 10 years since eric carr passed away.Anyone who ever had the chance to meet eric would know that he didnt act the rock star.He was a down to earth guy who always had time to talk,sign autographs and seem to be interested and thankful that you took the time to talk to him. There still hasnt been a kiss studio album with drums that come close to creatures of the night.Its just a shame that eric never got to play on a kiss live album.You are still sadly missed Eric
From: Gez
"ERIC" you did more in your short life,than most people could dream of. 
When you smiled you lite up the concert halls and stadiums. 
Thanks for making me smile,and for bringing pleasure into my life as part of "KISS". 
 I will here you play again one day. 
      "FOREVER" missin you. 
From: James Kershaw
"There has always been much debate amongst Kiss fans over the best of the three Kiss drummers (not counting Anton Fig and Peter's roadie), but regardless of their respective pluses and minuses I shall always remember Eric Carr for three major reasons: -
1) He was a thoroughly nice bloke - the three times I briefly got to meet him, for autographs and pictures, he was always very friendly and gave you all the time he could - one of my all time prized possessions is the Crazy Nights LP sleeve that Eric signed for me in London in 1988 (which I then got Gene, Paul & Bruce to add their signatures to in 1992).
2) He was an excellent drummer - although not the greatest tour for a stage spectacle (apart from Eric's massive Drum Kit that is) - the 1988 Crazy night tour really showed how Kiss had progressed as a band (this I personally believe was continued even further on the Revenge tour - the best Kiss have ever played as a Band in my experience), just listen to the tapes of the 1987 & 1988 shows, especially Cold Gin from Japan 1988, then you will know what I mean, even the old songs had a new breath of life in them now.
3) He joined Kiss at a very difficult time in 1980, replacing the first original member to leave.  Eric achieved this with decency, integrity and humility - never let anyone down and seemed to genuinely enjoy his role in Kiss.

We shall always remember him, never forget Eric as a person, or his valued contribution to our favourite Band.
Thank you Eric - we all miss you"


James Kershaw

From: Matthew Harrison
Hey im matt just like to do a little type up to the kiss one and only Eric Carr so here we go.... 

Eric since your passing the group will nver be the same 
you brought the rock and roll world into the hearts of everyone 
you brought kiss to life you brought eveything to life 
you brought the hottest band in the world to the top you 
are apart of kiss you are a slice of the kiss pie you are a quatre 
of what we think about Eric Carr Keep on rockin Where ever you ARE!!! 

KISS ARE # 1 and so are YOU eric 
From: Ashley Brookes, Dressed To Kill
I had something printed in Kerrang! as a tribute to Eric. some of U 
may remember it - It was basically as 'rewrite' of 'Little Caesar'... Yes, 10 
years have passed, but obviously We still miss the 'Fox', and my 'sentiment' 
remains.....He was truly Great.

Its funny, but driving back in the early morning after our shows, We see alot 
of foxes dashing around.. kinda makes Me feel like He's still here..

* )
From: Heather Murphy
I like Starchild frequantly watch a fox wander out onto the country road 
and wanders accross our neighbouring field i often say to myself 1.45am 
here comes our lovable rascal Eric. 
Heather fae bonnie scotland
From: Simon and Mary Cole
The Fox.......gone but not forgotten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Kevin Warhaft
Im a drummer and a singer this day I will never forget my favorite
collectible from Kiss with Eric on it is the Creatures Of The Night t
shirt that I won from Ebay it has the original fox makeup artwork and I
wear the shirt alot Kiss fans can e mail me at miamikissarmy@webtv.net
we will never forget you Eric rest in peace 
From: Richard Jones
Just a small mail to say that we think of you and miss you. I hear your
drumming from the heavens.

Richard Jones (UK KISS fan)
From: Marc
10 years gone by since you passed away, but my hero is still Alive in the memories and glorious 
music you left behind.
Eric Carr, I love you buddy.
Marc/dutch KISS fan
From: Dan

r.i.p foxman. KEEP ROCKING.  from dan
From: Andy Few
You were the best eric and you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend. 

From kissuk2001 

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